Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Chateaux of the Loire No 4 - Chateau Chambord

          There are many Chateaux in the Loire Valley which are within easy reach of La Richardière. In each Gite we provide maps and information for our guests and are always ready to answer questions and give directions. For more information about the Loire Valley Chateaux CLICK HERE.

Chateau Chambord:

The Chateau at Chambord is not the closest to La Richardière, but it has proved popular with our guests who are prepared for an early start.

          This year, Chambord is reopened after an extensive garden makeover. Designated a world heritage site in 1981 Chambord has much to offer the whole family. The inside of the Chateau is well-presented and the Double-Helix staircase in the centre, designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1516,  is a wonder to behold.

          Outside there is a large park land which can be walked or visited by electric buggies which can be hired on site. The newly regenerated gardens are best seen on foot. Originally conceived by Louis XIV they have been reproduced to replicate the original 18th century gardens.

         There are many interactive activities for children including competitions of riddles connected with nature and the history of the castle. Visitors can also access interactive guides which are available for download to iPAD or Tablet.

For more information about Chateau Chambord, click HERE.

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