Tuesday, 12 December 2017

2017 - December Newsletter

Christmas in the local Villages.

             With snow falling in many parts of Europe the feeling that Christmas is upon us is confirmed by the number of Christmas Markets which spring up all around La Richardière at this time of the year and the feverish activity in each village preparing Christmas decorations.

      Recently, we worked with villagers in Le Petit Pressigny to prepare decorations for the festive season. A long standing tradition.

       The two villages to the North of us - La Celle Geunand and Ferriere-Larçon held their Christmas Markets this last weekend. There were a large number of stall holders selling everything from Christmas cheese collections to crafted tinsel ornaments and a whole host of local wine and food products were also available. Entertainment was provided by groups of carol singers, in Victorian costume, adding to the overall ambience of the events. Despite the cold and inclement weather they were well-attended giving a chance for last minute Christmas shopping and pre-Christmas gatherings with neighbours and friends. 

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