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The Chateau of the Loire No 5 - Chateau d'Amboise

                         Chateau d'Amboise                  
Chateau d'Amboise
           The Chateau at Amboise is best seen from the Bridge over the River Loire and can be approached from Tours to the West and from La Richardière to the South.

           The Chateau was in existence, as a building, for many years before it was officially founded as a Chateau, in 1431, by the then King of France - King Charles VII who began the tradition of French Kings residing and holding court at Amboise. 

            In the 15th and 16th centuries, the court of France continued to be based in Amboise, although some Kings preferred the Châteaux of Loches and Chinon to the fortified Château of Amboise. Charles VIII developed the Chateau by ordering the construction of new buildings and a chapel. He introduced innovative methods of heating the Chateau and employed French masons, Flemish sculptors, and Italian artisans: carpenters, gardeners and architects. His young cousin, François, the future François 1st (Premiére) was educated at Amboise and chose to live there when he became King. He gave a pension and a retirement home to Leonardo da Vinci, just down the road at Clos Luce (1516-1519).

          A thoroughly recommended visit. There is so much French history connected with this Chateau that it is probably worth a 2 day visit to include Clos Luce. 

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