Monday, 18 June 2018

Gardens at Gites de La Richardière

The Gardens at Gites de La Richardière change and develop every year and sometimes it's just worth taking a moment to sit back and view all the hard work we have undertaken to make the environment as pleasant a place as it can be for our guests. 

We were struck by the contrast between our planted garden, situated here next to our Gite - Le Pigeonnier, and the vastness of the wheat crops in the field adjacent to our land. 

We continue to work to create a secluded environment for our swimming pool area. Even on the breeziest days the pool can be relatively wind free and can seemingly attract the sun.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Owls at Gites de La Richardière

Owls at Gites de La Richardière:

We were attracted to some strange noises at La Richardière last week. High pitched squeaking up in a tree with a deeper echoing sound from further away. Interested in what could be making the noises and what could be keeping our Gite guests awake, we recorded the sounds and sent the recordings to a local bird enthusiast. The answer came back "Owls" (among other suggestions.)

Sure enough, the following morning, we looked into the tree to see two juvenile Long-Eared Owls just sitting on a branch watching the world go by - at least our Gite guests and us.  

They were completely unperturbed.

The noises at night were the two young birds calling for their parents who dutifully arrived to with food.

Our guests were enthralled, particularly the children, and for 3 or 4 days there was always someone standing quietly at the tree - watching.

The young birds, discovering they could fly, gradually moved from our tree to the larger Oak trees close to our property and have now left the area.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Testing out the Tourist attractions-Chateau Cheverny

It's always good to get out and about in this area of France, namely, the Southern Loire - Touraine-du-Sud, and actually visit the places we recommend to our guests.

Le Chateau Cheverny is one of those places we recommend. It's outside of our 1 hour radius, but we think it's worth it and here's why.

Le Chateau Cheverny
The Chateau is beautifully presented, probably the cleanest and neatest Chateau we have visited. That goes for the outside too where the gardens are well-appointed and full of interesting seasonal displays. It's worth checking the Chateau's website to see what floral displays are current.
The annual "river of Tulips" is a sight to behold. Thousands of plants, all plated by hand, wending their way through the grounds.

Throughout the main house there is currently a display of professionally produced pictures and sculptures made from LEGO! These are superbly crafted and I have to say that, on one occasion, I thought a picture hanging on the wall was an original.

Those of you who remember Herge's adventures of Tintin you may recognise the Chateau Cheverny as it was used as a model for Captain Haddock's ancestral home - Marlinspike Hall. There is a permanent exhibition here at Cheverny and a good way to spend an hour of your visit reliving those outrageous adventures of Tintin. 

The section we liked best was the last photo gallery where the local village people had been photographed and compared to some of the characters in the book. The Thompson Twins were particularly similar in look as was the village Mayor and doctor.

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