Monday, 10 September 2018

August 2018 Newwletter

News from Gites de La Richardière
Our Gites have been full now for quite a few weeks and will continue to be full until nearly the end of September when we have just  a few available weeks before we close for the winter in the middle of October.

As you can imagine our guests have been out and about visiting local places and taking part in village events.
Quite recently, our village, Le Petit Pressigny, celebrated Bastille day (14th July) with their "Super Bastifete" celebrations. There was a lot of eating and drinking, excellent fireworks and dancing which was much enjoyed by some of our guests who braved village life and attended the celebration.

More guests ventured onto the River Cher, where they canoed, in good quality open canoes, for 12 km (downstream) and paddled under the arches of the Chateau at Chenonceau. There were good opportunities for resting on the shores of the river and taking breaks for a picnic lunch or a swim in the river and even time to get an ice-cream at on of the riverside cafes. 

Dave went with one of our guests, an ex-military chap, to visit the Museum of Maurice Dufresne. Our guest has a life-long interest in second world war activities. At the museum, they saw many WWII machines, cars, tanks and other artefacts, which were extremely interesting and our guest was particularly knowledgeable about the background to these items on display. He was particularly interested in the activities of the "Special Operations Executive" (S.O.E.) who, using Lysander Aircraft , inserted and extracted agents from the French Resistance movement on secret airfields in this area of the Loire. Dave noticed a GPS reference on the sleeve of our guest's polo shirt and asked about it. It was a Loire landing site for a Lysander Aircraft and it was only 5 minutes from where they were. So, off they went to find the Lysander landing site. And find it they did. Dave enjoyed listening to the history of the SOE and how they used these temporary landing sites during WWII. Happy guest and an interesting day for Dave. If anyone is interested in finding out more this video might be a good start.

Best wishes,
Dave and Patience

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