Monday, 10 September 2018

September 2018 Newsletter

News from Gites de La Richardière
                           In just over a month we will have said goodbye to our final guests of the season and will be preparing to tidy up for the winter. It's amazing how fast the summer season has whizzed by and how many lovely guests have stayed with us.
                           We continue to find and visit new places in the Loire Valley and this month was no exception. Our trip, last week, was to the Chateau and grounds of the "Domaine de Candé" which is about 10 minutes South of Tours and 50 minutes North West of La Richardière. What a charming and tranquil place. Having been originally built and extended by French owners, it was latterly owned by a Franco/American couple who kindly loaned the property for the marriage, in 1937, of Wallis Simpson and Edward, Duke of Windsor, after his abdication.
These days, one can tour the house and enjoy the excellent information in both French and English and afterwards take one of the woodland walks. There are many interesting and unusual sculptures including a huge Stork's nest which plays music; a nodding dragon; numerous animal sculptures and our favourite, the cocoon hammocks. Children are well catered for with activities both in the Chateau and in the grounds. Well worth a visit. We'll be going back and adding this to our in-house visitors' guide.

                    It's been really hot here during the summer, one of France's hottest summers on record. So, imagine our surprise when we were called to a Gite one evening to find a Gecko sitting on the ceiling. France has Geckos, but usually in the far South where it's extremely hot. Another surprise was the discovery of Bermuda grass growing in our swimming pool area.

In both these cases the same question arises. How did they get there?

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Best wishes,
Dave and Patience

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