Monday, 8 October 2018

October 2018 Newsletter

October News from Gites de La Richardière
We extend a warm welcome to our new readers. It's always nice to have a new audience for our newsletters, so thank you for signing up. We also welcome feedback and comment (by email or on our blog) and would like to start a new feature where we publish people's memories of their stay here at Gites de La Richardiere. If you would like to, please send us a sentence or two and let us know if we can attribute your text to you, or if you wish to remain anonymous.

The season is all but at an end and what a great season it has been. Our guests have been many and varied, but all have been pleased to spend time at La Richardière enjoying the peace and quiet; the swimming pool and the wide variety of local activities. Little did we expect to be canoeing down the River Cher and under the arches of the famous Chateau at Chenonceau, on 3 separate occasions, following invitations from 3 different sets of guests. We thoroughly enjoyed all 3 trips.   

The Autumn has arrived quickly and it's a good time to undertake some restoration work on our Barn. Those who have followed our Facebook posts will already have seen photos of the big barn wall finished recently. Dave has learned a new technique - "Pierre Apparent" which renders the wall with traditional lime cement and then, with a lot of elbow grease, reveals the stones just below the surface. For those who have stayed in Pigeonnier there is now a very different looking barn opposite the main entrance to the Gite. When it's completely finished we'll post a picture. It's already looking so much better.

Thanks to Graham Dopheide for the photos and help with the restoration.

If you are planning to stay with us next year then it would be a good idea to book early as we are receiving many booking enquiries, particularly through August 2019. It is best to #BOOKDIRECT in order to benefit from the best prices.
There are two local events happening quite soon. Our village, Le Petit Pressigny is hosting a locally renowned arts festival - "L'Art et Lard" - literally Art and Bacon! There is lots of art, but no bacon. There will be a full report in or November Newsletter. We are also waiting for the dates of the Christmas markets in La Celle Geunand and Ferriere Larçon.

Finally, we are grateful to all those people who have taken time to answer the questions in our survey about our web addresses and email addresses. There is still time to take part by CLICKING HERE to enter the survey

Best wishes,
Dave and Patience

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