Great Places to Eat.

Restaurant and Eating experiences:

          Whenever we go on holiday it's always nice to eat out and sample the local delicacies and traditions of the region we are visiting. It's also a welcome change from cooking for ourselves.

          Around La Richardière there are a large number of restaurants and eating place which are well worth a visit.

La Promenade is top of the list for us.  A Michelin starred restaurant just 3 mins from La Richardière in the village of Le Petit Pressigny. For our guests we offer a taxi service and menu recommendations. 
La Promenade, Le Petit Pressigny.

          The food is exquisitely served and each course, not to mention the "amuse bouche", is a theatrical event. We recommend the Traditional Menu which gives a wide range of dishes for each of the courses 3 or 4 if you choose the fish course (and we recommend you do!).

          The ambiance of the restaurant is relaxed and only a little formal, so no need to dress up, unless you want to. You will be welcomed by Madame Dallais and served by the very professional staff. The Sommelier, Xavier, is well-respected in the area and will give you unrivalled advice about your wine choices.

Le Saint Mandé, Ferriere-Larçon is about 5 minutes from La Richardière. A small restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere. Check out Trip Advisor Reviews for more information and the Saint Mandé website for contact details. 

One reviewer has stated "top class French cuisine" and we have to agree. Last year, more than one guest at La Richardière commented that they would be returning just to eat at La Saint Mandé. 

Eating in Loches: (25 minutes North of La Richardière)

Sforza is situated right in the centre of Loches close to the Chateau and close to the main shopping areas.
Restaurant Sforza, Loches.
This makes it an excellent place to eat on Market day (Wednesdays) and a superb location, when eating outside, to enjoy the street entertainment during the regular summer Night Markets. Check their
 website for more details.

The Pizzeria Trattoria is built into the cliff caves just on the outskirts of Loches. It is an interesting place to eat with excellent Pizzas and other Italian dishes. Check out their website for more details.

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