Places to Visit

           There are many interesting places to visit within an hour's drive of La Richardière. These can be fun for all the family as there are so many displays which cater for children and adults alike.


Futuroscope is an amusement park of attractions and shows that suspend reality, and plunging visitors of all ages into French animated worlds, and diverse experiences.

The park includes over 20 simulators where screens and seating interact to transport and thrill audiences.

Located in Poitiers, Futuroscope is a day adventure only an hour away from La Richardière, and perfect for the whole family. 

For more information about Futuroscope, click here!

The Réserve Zoologique de La Haute Touche

The Réserve Zoologique de La Haute Touche (just 20 minutes from La Richardière) has 120 species of animals. It is not so much a Zoo, but more of a Game Reserve. At the entrance, after purchasing relatively inexpensive tickets, there is a 2 km drive through the game park where deer and wolves can be seen (in separate enclosures of course).

The reserve can also be enjoyed by bicycle, and bicycles are available for hire on site. From the bike paths, one can see the enclosures of other animals including lions, tigers, and wallabies. The cafe at the end of the tour offers a perfect opportunity for tea, cakes, or maybe even an ice cream.

Click here for further information.

The Maurice Dufresne Museum.

The Maurice Dufresne museum  is located about 45 minutes from La Richardière on a 6-hectare estate, in the “Marnay Mill”, near Azay-le-Rideau, the museum houses an impressive collection of vehicles, machinery and antiques, which displays an variety of heritage machinery from the 1850s to the 1950s.

Find tractors, steam engines, historic cars, planes, weapons, cycles, water wheels and much, much more. Search for World War II vehicles and aircraft and read about the connections to the local Resistance organisations. An excellent follow-on visit if you have already spent time on the Normandy beaches.

A good day out for all the family.

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