Villages, Towns and Markets around Gites de La Richardière.

           In the Southern Loire area and particularly the area to the South of Tour (Touraine-du-Sud) there are many beautiful villages and towns to visit with regular weekly markets. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a downloadable list of tourist attractions and a list of weekly markets.

Loches - Cité royale
Chateau de Loches
      Loches is just 23 km North of La Richardière. It is a popular place to visit for guests to visit for several reasons. Firstly, it's a great place to visit on Market Days: Wednesdays and Saturdays and during the summer there are also regular Night Markets which include a much larger range of market stalls and street entertainment. Many guests have enjoyed sitting at a street restaurant on these evenings  and being thoroughly entertained. (check out our restaurant list) 

         At the centre of Loches is the Chateau de Loches. it was constructed in the 9th century and is famous for its massive square keep which dominates the town of Loches. The castle was occupied by Henry II of England and his son, Richard the Lionheart during the 12th century. It was captured by King Philip II of France in 1204 after which construction work immediately upgraded Loches into a huge military fortress. The castle would become a favourite residence of Charles VII of France, who gave it to his mistress, Agnès Sorel, as her residence.

           Guests visit both the Chateau and the Donjon during their stays and are able to  complete the historical story of Loches - Cité royale. 

For more information about Loches, Cité royale, click HERE.

Brenne National Parc - LE BLANC 

Located about 55 minutes from La Richardière, LE BLANC is situated in the West of the Brenne National Parc. It is an interesting old town with museums and buildings and, being situated on the navigable river, La Creuse, there was significant trade in past ages. 

"...accompanied by a guide, the streets of the Middle Ages of Blanc, the manufacture of terracotta tiles or wild orchids will no longer have secrets for you ......" 

There are many activities based in Le Blanc including Mountain Biking (Vélo), Canoeing or Kayaking, Fishing, Swimming, nature walking and organised activities for children.

The Brenne Regional Nature Park is well-known for its conservation of nature and heritage. It is a Wetland of international importance and the home to exceptional flora and fauna. There are remarkable natural habitats and a haven for many threatened species. It has a lesser known cultural heritage of villages and traditional buildings, Romanesque churches, castles and abbeys.


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